Where to Watch Helluva Boss for Free Online (2024)

Here is where to watch all of Helluva Boss for free online.

The show, which is created by Vivienne "VivziePop" Medrano, the same person behind Hazbin Hotel, follows employees of a company in Hell named I.M.P whose purpose is to carry out assassinations of people on Earth.

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Where To Watch All Episodes of Helluva Boss

Season 1 - Episode 1: "Murder Family"

Moxie, Millie, and Blitzo, all employees of the assassination company I.M.P in Hell, are sent out on a mission to kill the mistress of a deceased widow's late husband—who they discover also happens to be part of a family of devil-worshipping cannibals.

Catch the first canonical episode of the series, "Murder Family," here:

Season 1 - Episode 2: "Loo Loo Land"

The Helluva Boss gang gets to go to an amusem*nt park called "Loo Loo Land" as the strained father-daughter relationship of new characters Stolas and Octavia is explored. The situation is not helped by Blitzo's presence, with whom Stolas had an affair during his past marriage.

Watch Episode 2, "Loo Loo Land," down below:

Season 1 - Episode 3: "Spring Broken"

Things get crazy in Episode 3, "Spring Broken," when Blitzo's ex, Verosika, and her succubi cronies fight over a parking space at work.

Watch the episode here:

Season 1 - Episode 4: "C.H.E.R.U.B."

While on a mission to kill a man named Lyle Lipton, I.M.P runs into some complications after crossing paths with three cherubs (creatures from Heaven who work alongside God) who aim to save Lyle's life.

Episode 4, "C.H.E.R.U.B.," can be viewed below:

Season 1 - Episode 5: "The Harvest Moon Festival"

While visiting Millie's parents in the Wrath ring, a plot to assassinate Stolas is discovered, as audiences meet Striker for the first time.

Watch Episode 5, 'The Harvest Moon Festival," here:

Season 1 - Episode 6: "Truth Seekers"

Blitzo and Moxxie are captured by secret agents, which leads the duo to grapple with their emotional issues with one another. Millie, Loona, and Stolas all work to save them, but their actions may lead to heavy consequences for Demonkind.

Watch the episode below:

Season 1 - Episode 7: "Ozzie's"

When Moxxie and Millie go to a couple-only restaurant, Stolas tries to sneak in with Blitzo, which leads to the duo getting spotted and humiliated by Asmodeus and Fizzarolli, the owner and leading entertainer of the establishment.

Watch Episode 7, "Ozzie's," here:

Season 1 - Episode 8: "Queen Bee"

Loona gets invited to a hellhound party, and things get crazy.

Watch the season 1 finale below:

Season 2 - Episode 1: "The Circus"

The opening episode of Season 2, "The Circus," explores the backstory behind Prince Stolas and Princess Stella's previous marriage, as well as Stolas' unique relationship with Blitzo—who he met at the titular Circus.

Watch the premiere here:

Season 2 - Episode 2: "Seeing Stars"

Octavia makes an unexpected trip to Los Angeles after getting upset with Stolas for forgetting to take her to a meteor shower she wanted to see.

The second episode of Season 2, "Seeing Stars," can be viewed below:

Season 2 - Episode 3: "Exes and Oohs"

A visit from I.M.P to Moxxie's father uncovers an unexpected conspiracy that upsetting and violent consequences.

Episode 3, "Exes and Oohs," can be found here:

Season 2 - Episode 4: "Western Energy"

Stella orders Striker to kill Stolas, but her plans are not able to be carried out as planned once she learns what will happen if he dies.

View the episode below:

Season 2 - Episode 5: "Unhappy Campers"

Episode 5, "Happy Campers," sees Moxxie lead her first mission for I.M.P while Blitzo goes on a search for his sister, Barbie Wire.

Episode 5 can be found here:

Season 2 - Episode 6: "Oops"

In Episode 6, "Oops," both Blitzo and Fizzarolli get captured by Crimson and Striker and are forced to reconcile their relationship to get themselves out of their current situation.

At the same time, Stolas is on the hunt for a crystal that would allow Blitzo to go between Hell and Earth freely.

Watch Episode 6 here:

Season 2 - Episode 7: "Mammon's Magnificent Musical Mid-Season Special (ft Fizzarolli)"

Episode 7, "Mammon's Magnificent Musical Mid-Season Special (ft Fizzarolli)," is fittingly filled to the brim with musical numbers. The story follows Fizzarolli as he competes in a clown pageant held by Mammon, also known as the Prince of Greed.

The episode can be found here:

Season 2 - Episode 8: "The Full Moon"

"The Full Moon" sees both C.H.E.R.U.B and D.H.O.R.K.S team up to try and take down Blitzo, who is busy preparing for his monthly night with Stolas. This leads Moxxie, Millie, and Loona to try to stop the two cherubs, but for Blitzo, the night still does not go as planned.

Catch the latest episode here:

BONUS - Helluva Shorts: "Hell's Belles"

While not a full episode, Helluva Boss recently released its first short, "Hell's Belles," which follows Millie and her transgender sister, Sallie May, as they spend a day together in Imp City.

Watch the short here:

BONUS - The Original Pilot Episode

The original episode of the series aired on November 25, 2019 but is now confirmed to no longer be canon to the series.

Its plot follows the imp Blitzo and his assassination company as they handle clients from Hell who are seeking murders on Earth. In this pilot, a mishap leads Blitzo to believe they are targeting the wrong little boy.

The episode can be viewed here:

Coming Soon for Helluva Boss

As of writing, Season 2 of Helluva Boss still has four episodes left to air (with Episode 9 being next). This includes, in order: "Apology Tour," "Ghostuckers, "Mastermind," and 'Sinmas.'

Additionally, Season 3 of the show is already confirmed to be in production, so even more episodes can be expected in the future.

Thankfully, fans also have the spinoff series Hazbin Hotel that they can enjoy. The first season is already out, and that project also has a second season in development.

Fans of both of these shows might also want to check out Glitch Production's The Amazing Digital Circus, which boasts a similar comedic style.

Helluva Boss is now streaming on YouTube.

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Where to Watch Helluva Boss for Free Online (2024)


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