West Creek Middle School Student Dies (2024)

1. School honors student killed in Clarksville tornado on first day back

  • 4 jan 2024 · Students at West Creek ...

  • Many braced for an emotional first day back to school.

2. Teen dies after wreck at West Creek campus - The Leaf-Chronicle

  • 28 dec 2016 · The 15-year-old girl who was injured in a crash on the West Creek High School grounds Wednesday has died. Clarksville Police were called to ...

  • She was flown to Vanderbilt with life threatening injuries, police say

3. Tribute for Kiara Anne Patricia David Cutting

4. West Creek Middle School

  • West Creek Middle School 1200 West Creek Coyote Trail, Clarksville, TN 37042 931-503-3288 | 931-503-3296 (fax) Regular Day: 7:20 AM to 2:20 PM

  • Facebook Instagram

5. Teen dies from injuries in traffic incident on West Creek High ...

6. After the tornado, West Creek Elementary, Middle are honoring a ...

  • 3 jan 2024 · One of the victims was 10-year-old Arlan Burnham. As a way of honoring this 4th grader, West Creek Elementary and Middle schools are ...

  • One of the victims was 10-year-old Arlan Burnham. As a way of honoring this 4th grader, West Creek Elementary and Middle schools are encouraging their students to wear purple and gold.

7. July 2022 News - West Creek Middle School

  • 26 jul 2022 · The records will be destroyed five (5) years after a student has transferred out of the school system, the death of a student, or the student's ...

  • In accordance with the state and federal regulations implementing the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), this is to inform you of the Clarksville-Montgomery School System’s intent to destroy personally identifiable information related to special education records maintained for students who were evaluated and/or served for special education services while attending the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System, but who are no longer enrolled. Records will be held through the individual’s age of 25. The destruction will occur after the individual’s 26th birthday.

8. Clarksville boy, Arlan Coty, 10, who died in tornado remembered

  • 11 dec 2023 · He was a 4th grade student at West Creek Elementary School. The ... killed 6 in Middle Tennessee Tornadoes and severe weather sweep across Middle ...

  • The 10-year-old Clarksville boy remembered for loving Los Angeles Lakers, history and music.

9. Clarksville parents on edge after school shooting threat on social ...

  • 18 mei 2022 · On Tuesday, chilling ...

  • A student is facing charges after allegedly threatening a Clarksville school on Tuesday.

West Creek Middle School Student Dies (2024)


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