Single Sign-On & Multi-Factor Authentication - Identity Automation (2024)

Deliver Seamless, Secure Access for Students and Educators with RapidIdentity Authentication

Today’s students and teachers access an ever-growing number of cloud-based applications from a variety of devices. With RapidIdentity Authentication, you can streamline that process and ensure seamless user access, while protecting all entry points.

Give students seamless, one-click access to on-premise and cloud-based systems with secure, single sign-on (SSO) and add an extra layer of protection or even replace passwords altogether with multi-factor authentication that is tailored to the needs of each user. RapidIdentity Authentication supports a broad range of authentication methods, which allows you to choose the right methods for staff and students, regardless of age or ability. With RapidIdentity, faculty and students are more productive, and everyone is safe and sound.

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Enhanced Student Experience

Put an end to password-related support calls and remove distractions to learning with secure single sign-on (SSO). All resources reside in a single portal that provides personalized, one-click access to the applications and systems students and educators need.

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Simplify & Secure the Login Process

Don’t sacrifice security for ease of use, get both with RapidIdentity Authentication. Even younger students can easily gain access to the resources they need with a variety of passwordless and student-friendly authentication methods, including smartphone-based push notifications, QR code badges, pictograph authentication, and more.

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Student Engagement Analytics

Deploy authentication technology that helps your organization satisfy regulations that require strong authentication, such as SOX, CJIS, DFARS, HIPAA, HITECH, EPCS, Positive ID, and PCI-DSS. With RapidIdentity Authentication, your organization can achieve compliance, while at the same time improve the experience of end-users by streamlining log in processes and reducing the amount of passwords that must be managed.

Powerful Authentication Features That Protect and Enhance The Joy of Learning

Configurable Single Sign-On

Provide users with one-click access to thousands of cloud-based and on-premises applications and services with the ability to hide, remove, and organize quick-launch icons. Integration options: SAML 2.0, OAuth, OpenID Connect, and Form Fill.

Tailor Each User's Login Experience For Them

Provide the right level of user experience and security by automatically assigning any combination of authentication methods based on that individual user’s needs, abilities, and risk-levels.

Support for Duo Authentication

Leverage existing investments in Duo using the Duo Web SDK as an authentication method that can be enabled on an Authentication Policy.

Mobile Support

Give users SSO access to cloud-based applications from iOS, Android, and other mobile devices. RapidIdentity also supports SSO at the mobile application level with SAML-enabled mobile applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication for Windows Login

Deploy the right mix of authentication factors, while providing your users with fast, secure Windows logon.

User-Friendly Self-Service Capabilities

Empower users to initially claim their accounts and reset their passwords in RapidIdentity.

Flexible Multi-Factor Authentication to Fit Your Needs

RapidIdentity supports a broad selection of authentication methods so you can balance security, compliance requirements, and the needs of educators and their students.

Push Authentication

Receive a login request notification on your smartphone via an authenticator app.

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One Time Password (soft token, SMS, email, backup codes)

Receive a temporary one-time code to a phone, app, or email address that expires after a short period of time.

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QR Code

Print a QR code that can be placed on a user ID to be scanned by a webcam.

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Social Login

Leverage a user’s third party social identity (login with LinkedIn, Google, MSN, etc.)

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U2F FIDO Tokens

Leverage a temporary one-time code on a physical FIDO token that expires after a short period of time.

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Challenge Response Questions

Answer one or more security questions that only the user should know the answer for.

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Select an image (or multiple images) to replace the need for a password.

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Duo Authentication

Leverage an existing Duo MFA deployment as part of the RapidIdentity login process.

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Single Sign-On & Multi-Factor Authentication - Identity Automation (2024)


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