8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans (2024)

When building a barndominium, the floor plan you choose is incredibly important. The floor plan will determine things like the flow of the home as well as its versatility and usability in the long run. Because of this, you may think that your floor plan has to be complicated in order to include everything you need. However, simple barndominium floor plans can be just as effective and versatile and require very little in the way of design.

When designing simple barndominium floor plans, it is important to make every inch of the plan count. It can be helpful to look at other plans and see how designers have integrated everything into a relatively sparse plan. To help get you started, we have put together a collection of simple barndominium floor plans. With a little bit of inspiration, you can create the perfect home for your needs.

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8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans

Simple Barndominium Floor Plans #1 – CDD-1005 Chaston Barndominium House Plans

8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans (1)

If you want to integrate a shop into your barndominium, it is important to keep your floor plan simple. Since you will be using up a large portion of your available space, simplifying the residential area is crucial. This way, you can be sure that you have everything you need in the house. Plus, you won’t have to sacrifice any space for the shop portion of the home.

These simple barndominium floor plans include a living room, dining room, and owner’s suite. By making the owner’s suite the main living portion, these plans are able to remain relatively simple. Everything can be integrated into this portion, including the bathroom and large closet. Plus, there are still common areas that make the home liveable and able to accommodate guests.

Simple Barndominium Floor Plans #2 – PL-60202 Catalina Barndominium House Plan

8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans (2)

You may think that simple barndominium plans can’t have all the things you want to incorporate. However, that simply isn’t true, and you can actually include all kinds of amenities and spaces. These simple barndominium floor plans include a large bedroom and a sewing room. Plus, there is enough room leftover for a large two-car garage.

These simple barndominium plans are an excellent example of how much you can fit in a relatively small plan. As long as you keep the layout simple, you can create something functional and beautiful. The extra sewing room can also be used for a guest room if you have to use it. These kinds of multi-function rooms are incredibly useful in any situation.

Simple Barndominium Floor Plans #3 – PL-3204 Atticus Barndominium House Plan

8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans (3)

One of the things that can be a challenge with simple barndominium floor plans is allocating space. Oftentimes, you may be tempted to use hallways to create different spaces for different applications. However, you don’t always have to use hallways; instead, you can use the natural shape of the layout. This way, you aren’t complicating things with extra walls and doors that take up valuable space.

These simple barndominium floor plans are a great example of this. The bedrooms are allocated to one side of the home, while the common areas are on another. This way, every area has its own space without having to use hallways or extra doors to give them an element of privacy.

Simple Barndominium Floor Plans #4 – ​​PL-60001 Coral Barndominium House Plan

8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans (4)

The benefit of using simple barndominium floor plans is the way they can make everything easier. If you keep your layout simple, construction will be faster and cheaper. The best way to do this is to put the common areas on one side and the sleeping areas on another.

These simple barndominium floor plans show just how effective this can be. The living room and kitchen are all on one side of the home, and the bedrooms are on the other. However, the bedrooms are easily accessible from the common spaces, which is perfect for people with younger children.

Simple Barndominium Floor Plans #5 – PL-60004 Marion Barndominium House Plan

8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans (5)

Sometimes, when designing simple barndominium floor plans, using hallways can be a major benefit. As long as everything still flows and there are no bottlenecks in the area, you can use a hallway to your advantage. They can be a great way to offer separation from the common areas and give the sleeping areas some privacy.

These plans are a great example of simple barndominium floor plans using a hallway effectively. The kitchen is closed off from the hall by a wall, and that hallway leads to the bedrooms at the back. This way, everything has its own designated space, and nothing feels crowded or overly complicated.

Simple Barndominium Floor Plans #6 – PL-62401 Blaze Barndominium House Plan

8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans (6)

Simple barndominium floor plans do not have to be sparse. In fact, you can use the simplicity to your advantage by using your outdoor space effectively. Things like patios and porches, for instance, can add a great deal of usability to your home.

These simple barndominium floor plans have a large front and back porch. These areas make it so the interior can remain simple while also offering more space for gatherings and guests. Making good use of your outdoor space is a smart decision and will help you keep your layout simple.

Simple Barndominium Floor Plans #7 – PL-62510 Jordan Barndominium House Plan

8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans (7)

In some cases, you can simplify your floor plan by adding different areas for specific purposes. Having designated spaces for certain things can make your simple barndominium floor plans much more functional. Plus, they can help you keep your home organized and efficient.

These simple barndominium floor plans have a two-car garage and a separate garage for storage or working. These specific spaces are an excellent option for people who want the best of both worlds. Plus, it adds very little in the way of complexity or construction in the long run.

Simple Barndominium Floor Plans #8 – PL-62304 Wolfe Barndominium House Plans

8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans (8)

The key to designing simple barndominium floor plans is to make everything intentional. If you aren’t adding frivolous design elements, you can simplify the whole space. Making sure that everything serves a purpose will ensure that your plan is efficient and easy.

These simple barndominium floor plans are a great example of this. The combination of the garage and shop is a brilliant way to make good use of space. Plus, the laundry room is integrated into the hallway for a straightforward approach to design.


Designing simple barndominium floor plans is all about efficiency. By using these plans, you can make sure that your build is as easy as possible. This way, you can be living in your perfect custom dream home in no time.

If you would like more guides like this one, check out the rest ofBarndominiumLife.com. There, you will find more helpful tips and tricks from the pros. You will also findfeatured barndominiums, barndominium floor plans, and information on financingand insurance. Knowing as much as you can will help you get the best results for your dream home.

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8 Simple Barndominium Floor Plans (2024)


How much does a 30x40 barndominium cost? ›

Barndominium kit prices
DimensionsSquare footageUnfinished kit costs*
30x401,200$36,000 – $60,000
40x401,600$48,000 – $80,000
40x602,400$72,000 – $120,000
40x702,800$84,000 – $140,000
6 more rows
Oct 13, 2023

What's the cheapest you can build a barndominium? ›

How Much Does a Barndominium Cost? In general, building a barndominium will cost about $62-$136 per square foot. Compare that to a traditional home build at $100-$150 per square foot, and it's easy to see why barndos are an affordable custom home building option!

Is it cheaper to build a 1 or 2 story barndominium? ›

Obviously, a single Story home is Going to Cost Less to build, it has a smaller overall footprint and uses fewer materials. This choice significantly impacts the overall design, functionality, and, most crucially, the cost of the project.

How many square feet is a 30 by 40 barndominium? ›

Maximizing Efficiency and Style in Your 30×40 Barndominium

Designing your 30×40 barndominium offers a unique opportunity to blend efficiency with style. With 1,200 square feet of space, our steel barndominium kits from Maverick Steel Buildings allow you to creatively plan and utilize every inch of your home.

How big of a barndominium can I build for 200K? ›

On the high end, barndominiums have an average cost of $150 per square foot. At that price, you can estimate a building of around 1,333 square feet for $200,000. That is the cost of doing it yourself.

Is it possible to build a barndominium for 100K? ›

It is not an impossibility that you can build a barndominium for 100K. However, it is not too common. If you seek to go that route, you need to cut down on expenses and do most of the work yourself. You will need to find the right piece of land to erect your barndominium.

What is the downside to a barndominium? ›

Financing for a Barndominium Can Be Difficult To Acquire

One of the most significant drawbacks of purchasing a Barndominum instead of a traditional house is how difficult it can be to acquire financing for this type of home. If you have enough cash to front this kind of project, then that's great!

Do barndominiums hold their value? ›

Barndominiums normally retain their resale value and may even increase in value gradually, although more slowly than a standard home. However, these homes are still rare in some parts of the country, and it may be challenging to get an accurate appraisal in an area where there are few.

How big is a 40x60 barndominium? ›

40x60 (2400 square foot)

Can any floor plan be a barndominium? ›

Whether an existing floor plan or a custom design – virtually anything you can imagine, can be converted to a post frame barndominium kit, provided it is possible to do structurally at all!

How many bedrooms can a barndominium have? ›

The 60′ × 60′ design can be either a four or five-bedroom barndo and can have a second story or a vaulted entryway. On the other hand, the 60'x 70′ barndominium delivers 1,800 square feet inside of a 30′ x 60′ building. This design allows for a 30'x40′ shop or barn building to be attached now or later.

Are barndominiums safe in a tornado? ›

Constructed with metal, a barndo offers superior protection from severe weather. The steel structure of a steel barndominium has a higher wind resistance than a conventional wood frame home. While the metal integrity of your home can endure a tornado, the windows and doors may not.

How much does a 30x40 slab cost? ›

The average cost is $4 to $8 per square foot. The median price is about $6 per square foot. Based on these averages, you may pay $4,800 to $9,600 with a median estimate of $7,200.

How much does it cost to build a 30x40 garage? ›

In most cases, you can expect a 30×40 metal building to range between $10,000 and $25,000, depending on the configuration and customization options you choose.

What is a good size barndominium? ›

Sweet Spot – Plan for 1,200 – 2,500 feet blending unused volume with practical livability covering one story. This easily accommodates 2-3 bedrooms including a master suite with spa bath, great room gathering areas, kitchen, dining room, office, utility room and ample storage.

How much do most barndominiums cost to build? ›

On average, a 2,400-square-foot barndominium costs about $120,000 to $500,000 or more to construct with a builder, according to HomeAdvisor. Barndominium kits from companies like Worldwide Steel Buildings start around $10 a square foot and can go up to about $30 a square foot.

How many square feet is 40x60 barndominium? ›

Just like a traditional home, a barndominium floor plan can be made to be any size and customized to your specifications. However, there are sizes that are more common for barndos: 40x30 (1200 square foot) 40x60 (2400 square foot)

How big is 1200 square foot barndominium? ›

A 1200 sq ft barndominium offers 1200 square feet of floor space, which is about the size of the average traditional house. With a 1200 sq ft barndominium, the 1200 sq ft of floor space is just the beginning.


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